Cecilio Morales Moreno

Potters since 1517


Our history

This industry, documentary dated in 1517 and which has been transmitted from father to son to the present day, has been located since Nasrid times in the suburb of Fajalauza next to the gate of the same name or gate of Collado de los Almendros.

Its current owner, Cecilio Morales Moreno, who for 34 years has directed artistic ceramics classes at the Granada School of Applied Arts and Crafts, combines both experiences in his current activity.

This factory has been awarded a silver medal at the Universal Exhibition of Brussels in 1910 and among many other decorations, it has obtained the first prize of the first national sample of the ornamental plate, held in Cáceres.

Our products are made following the traditional Arab technique of which we are its most faithful followers and proof of this is, among other achievements, the tile cloth of the Patio de los Arrayanes of the Alhambra palace. In addition to this, the tile plinth of the main patio of the Granada City Council and the construction of the entire tilework of the chalet of the Kings of Belgium in Motril have been recently completed.

Our products are found practically all over the world by tourist shipments that proclaim the name of Granada in all latitudes.

Our production covers two sections; The artistic tilework and the glazed earthenware and crockery decorated in the Granada style


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